Facebook Decides on WhatsApp Ads

December 2, 2021

In 2018, Facebook introduced a plan to monetize the WhatsApp messenger with ads. At that time, Chris Daniels was the CEO of the service, who called advertising the main way of monetization for the company.

A year and a half ago, plans to introduce ads in WhatsApp were one of the reasons why co-founder of the WhatsApp messenger Jan Kum left Facebook. When the messenger was sold to the American giant Facebook, Mr. Qom joined Facebook’s board of directors, but left the company in May 2018 due to a conflict with the corporation’s management.

Ian Kum disagreed with a number of points of Facebook’s policy regarding WhatsApp – the desire to integrate ads into the messenger, use users’ personal data for advertisers and attempts to weaken the encryption of user content in WhatsApp.

The US media reported that Facebook had abandoned plans to integrate ads into the WhatsApp messenger. According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook now wants to make money using WhatsApp, creating paid features there for entrepreneurs who want to interact with customers in the messenger.

According to the sources of the American edition, the development team working on the integration of advertising into the messenger was disbanded, and the results of its work were removed from the WhatsApp code.